Bamboo Miami

Bamboo Miami- The South beach Nightlife Experience

Enjoy a taste of the Southeast European nightlife South Beach-style at Bamboo Miami, the first American offering from the successful European Bamboo Nightclub brand. If you want to enjoy the best in South Beach nightlife in all its glory, there is no better choice than Bamboo Miami – the South Beach nightlife experience personified. Bamboo nightclub, located at the Paris Theatre Space on Washington Ave., is one of the best clubs in South Beach hands-down in every respect, and a place that every lover of high-quality nightlife should be sure to check out at least once.

What to Expect at Bamboo Nightclub

Before taking the trip down to South Beach and braving the notoriously difficult to satisfy door-men of any highly exclusive South Beach club, you might wonder what to expect at Club Bamboo. What you can expect is expertly designed, exceptionally posh club décor covering a whopping 27,000 square-foot floor space, top-dollar audio-visual excellence, and frequent major special events featuring big-name DJs and performers of the likes of Trinidad James, Fat Joe, and Chris Santana. You will also be sure to enjoy the live dance and aerial acrobatics shows that Bamboo is known for; rather than the run-of-the-mill go-go dancers you may find at some popular nightclubs, Bamboo Miami features highly trained professional dancers and performers decked out in creatively-designed costumes putting on a show that would be worth the price of admission alone.

The floor space at club Bamboo is largely consumed with VIP tables as Bamboo is a VIP-focused club, so it is recommended that you try to get situated at a table with bottle service if you want to really have the Bamboo experience as its meant to be had. It is also an expensive club in terms of both entry and drink prices, so be sure to come to Bamboo with ample funds, or good looks to match. If you do get into club Bamboo and are able to fully enjoy the experience, you are in for a night full of thrills at what is without a doubt one of the best South Beach Miami clubs.